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MWF Studio is an inclusive space. We focus on low impact movements, balance and core training, feeling and creating alignment, improving flexibility, connecting and building confidence. From beginner to advanced and anywhere in between, we come as we are and we do our best. 


Listen to your body and do what's best for you


MWF Studio is a fitness boutique that is BIPOC,

female-owned and led, located in Graham, WA. 

From our movement to our members, we honor and appreciate diversity and inclusivity.

Our boutique style classes allows us to bring individual attention in a small group environment. 

Pairing mind and body, awareness and engagement, alignment and breath, gratitude and connection with low-impact full-body movement is what sets us apart. 



and more!

Meet our Dynamic Duo


Melissa Wiltrout

Barre + Strength Instuctor


Katie Bonnett

Yoga + Meditation Instructor


"This is a positive place to focus on you! To find your inner balance and strength! These ladies are empowering & inspirational instructors! Love it!!!"

"This was an amazing workout! The class was easy to follow and she gave great modifications to some of the more difficult moves. I'd recommend her class to anyone looking for a serious workout. You will sweat and you will feel the workout in your body afterwards! It was so good!"

"I love love love this studio! I am so thankful it is in my area! And it has given me a chance to focus my attention on my health!.”

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